S13: a ½” (13mm) diameter sonde for narrow ducts and conduits The S13 Super Small Sonde was made to be used for following the courses of non-metallic pipes, ducts, sewers and drains, and in the exact place of blockages and failures. Following industry trends, the S13 Silvia switched to relampable headlights that were set. In Japan, Nissan renamed the Gazelle as the Nissan 180SX, that has been exported mostly under the name Nissan 240SX The 180SX functioned as the junior companion at Nissan Bluebird Store Japanese dealerships to the Fairlady ZX. As before, the Silvia was exclusive to Japanese dealerships called Nissan Prince Store close to the Skyline. The Nissan Silvia used set headlights; whereas, the 180SX, just a hatchback version of the Silvia, introduced at the same time used pop up headlights.

This generation saw the launch of the Nissan 240RS (BS110), a coupe fitted with the 2.4-liter DOHC FJ24 engine. The S13 Silvia, introduced in mid-1988 the 1989 model year, was immensely popular. The Silvia was no longer exported, yet; rebadged 180SX were instead sold in most marketplaces. European variations of the car were still known as 200SX In North America, the S13 (180SX front, all three different bodystyles) was known as the 240SX In North America, the Nissan 200SX nameplate was on hiatus but would return on a 2 door coupe version of the B14 Nissan Sunny/Sentra (1995-99). The S13 Silvia coupe was made from 1988 to 1994, overlapping with the S14 Silvia.

But, the S13 chassis is already setup for an R33 crossmember, making an RB swap super easy. Some areas over-seas the S13 coupe came with an entirely different front clip, and was called the Silvia”. The engine you will find under the hood of an S13 or S14 will change considerably based Track Car on your geographical area. But even with the inconsistent pricing, there exists a difference in cost between the S13 and the S14 chassis. But generally speaking a running and driving S13 will bring in about $2-4K depending on the condition.